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 Dog walk - 30 mins

On a 30 minute dog visit, we will happily take    your pet(s) for a long walk in your area to relieve themselves and get some great    

exercise.  Then we will refresh all waters,

                            do any necessary feeding and play with them                       

                            for the remaining time to their hearts content!


                               Dog walk - 45 mins

                                     Dog walk - 60 mins


                                      Bedtime Tuck

                           perfect for the vacationing client whose pet 

                            can't make it thru the night.  We will stop by

                            for a 15 minute visit to ensure your dog can

                            quickly potty and has everything necessary 

                            for a great night's sleep! 




                                      Overnight Stay

                           For the Pet that needs a lttle extra attention,                                

                           we will have one of our sitter stay in your                          

                           home and keep your pet company all night 

                           long.  All overnight stays include dinnertime and

                           a nightly walk, (if needed), feeding, social inter-

                           action and any medications if necessary.

                           In the morning- feeding, refreshing of all water,                          

                           playing and walking your loved one is done 

                           before leaving the residence.


 Anytime cat visit
Our sitters will happily spend 30 mins with your kitty anywhere between the hours of 10am- 7pm to feed, scoop litter, refresh water and interact with your cuddly feline.

 scheduled cat visit-     
   30 mins 
Same as above but at a specified time block to keep your cat on its routine. 

               Overnight stay
                           Also available for the particular feline who      
                           needs some extra attention!

  Concierge Services

 Too busy to get to the groomers?  We'll do it for you!  For any vet appts or just a trip to Grandma's, we will gladly transport your pet

to and from the desired destination.

                Socialization- Bark parks            

                               & Dog Beaches